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Entrepreneurs at heart.
We design and invest in social enterprises that create real and lasting change.

We are building stronger, more compassionate communities by realizing the natural connections between yoga philosophy and social justice.


Our innovative brand of yoga education is delivered through the lens of public health, social equity, and community wellness rather than as a luxury commodity.

Our work is growing happier, healthier, and more connected communities through compassion, gratitude, and mindfulness.


The Hartford Times is a legacy media brand styled as a “champion of reform and advocate for the people.”


Our work revives The Hartford Times as a civics platform to improve Connecticut’s access to information, community connectivity, and media justice through solutions oriented engagement, inspirational storytelling, and a shared sense of self-determination.


Our goal is to develop a sustainable, equitable, and non-partisan multimedia platform promoting community-driven, multigenerational solutions while providing historically underrepresented people access to our democracy.


Communities grow stronger when families are able to achieve their full potential together.


We designed an innovative economic development model rooted in national public policy research that advances social equity and economic justice using a “whole family approach.”


Our 2Gen Economy® model establishes the foundation and infrastructure to build community wealth and civic engagement to achieve multigenerational prosperity.

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